Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102: A Quiet Moment

How many times have you noticed that it’s the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning?~Fred Rogers

A Quiet Moment as the Magnolias started to bloom mid quarantine

Ii is quite startling how quiet the city of Shanghai has become during the pandemic.  I can hear the birds in the morning instead of traffic and while exploring the city it is easy to find a deserted place to sit for a quiet moment where I can just think or enjoy the piece of nature around me.  In these quiet moments it feels like I am all alone in this huge city and can forget about juggling teaching online and searching for a new job and place to live in this huge city.  

A Quiet Moment next to the canal that is usually crowded with people walking and fishing

For this weeks challenge “A Quiet Moment , I share photos of my quiet cycles through the deserted parks and streets of Shanghai during this pandemic.

A Quiet Moment while cycling along one of the canals in the nature park of Pudong


  1. Hi, Janaline. Welcome! I didn’t realize you were in Shanghai. Are you planning on staying there? It’s hard to imagine quiet moments in such a huge city, but all over the world, we’re seeing cities hushed by the pandemic. Thanks for joining us and sharing your views of Shanghai with that great red bicycle.

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    • It surprised even me that I am planning on staying on for more than just the usual year or two. I love this city and everything it has to offer and plan on staying another couple of years atleast! Yes, this pandemic has even quitened down the busy city of Shanghai and for the first time parks are deserted and you can cycle down empty lanes….quiet and also a bit eerie at times, but enjoying it before things go back to being hectic again.

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  2. Shanghai is such a beautiful city Janaline, I didn’t realize you were planning to live there. During our visit the air was crystal clear. A week later you literally couldn’t see past your hand due to the air quality. Hopefully they have that issue under control now. In any case, your images are wonderful. How lovely to see the city so quiet.

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    • Initially I planned on only staying a while but have fallen in love with the city and look forward to stay here another couple of years! This city has its ups and downs and I agree, the smog has been a down but it has not been so bad this year. Maybe due to lockdown and now that things are up and going again it is still clear outside. But they really are trying to curb the smog and are trying to green the city everywhere to try and lessen the pollution. I have loved being able to cycle around and to see the streets and parks this quiet, it is such a contrast from the ususal busy and crowded city that I have come to know.

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